Hollywood couples were known to fade away just as easily as fashion trends came and went. Fortunately for William Church and Evelyn James, their union fizzle nor did it attract the lenses of paparazzi as the A-list did. The power couple were known for their respective talents behind the scenes. His name was often behind the title of producer and seen as the credits rolled to television shows and a few full length films. Her wit as an agent anticipated the next three moves of the media keeping a paycheck in her clients' pockets as well as her own. Separate, the two were forces that most learned not to reckon with. Together, they were unstoppable. The two understood the demands and stress pulling on their partner resulting in a supportive and surprisingly loving marriage. It was in their sprawling Hollywood Hills home that the two moved onto their next big investment - children.

Embry James may have been succeeded by a younger brother but she took pride in stealing the limelight from her older sister from infancy. She was born with a solid jealous streak directed towards her sister that only manifested as she grew out of diapers. Whatever Whitney had, Embry wanted the same and more. Anything said or done was mimicked. Their sibling rivalry pushed the two to the best of their abilities, neither ever accepting defeat graciously. Rather than intervene, their parents allowed the daughters to bicker while at a safe distance to intervene and keep the two from not killing each other. However, the one thing that Embry could never quite outdo was the natural melody that her sister would later cultivate into a career. Never to be outdone, Embry decided that she would be like the pretty women she looked up to on the backlots she grew up in.

The vast network of connections her parents had throughout studios was never offered to Embry. From day one, she was taught that nothing would be simply given to her which instilled a strong work ethic. On top of her normal academics, Embry studied the art of acting. She worked hard to make her actions inhale and her expressions exhale to bring a character to life as her acting coach had instructed. Her natural intuitions about a scene's feeling and able to read body language had Embry excelling at her chosen outlet. With her coach's blessing and her parents' permission, she began the grueling process of auditions, callbacks, and rejection. For each 'No' she heard only fed fuel to her competitive fire wanting nothing but approval and attention as she always had.

Her first major role outside of her school's theater brought along the harsh criticism of disgruntled viewers and their poor reviews. It was a continued lesson of choosing projects by her father who made it clear that fame would come and go but what would continue on was Embry's passion for theater. Following his guidance, her skin grew thick as she took the positive acclaim with the negative, a founding philosophy of balance that began to extend into her personal life. That maturity strengthened the passion behind her roles and grounded her from floating away into the Hollywood dream. She raised her voice for the causes and issues she saw needing to change becoming an advocate as well as signing her name for roles discussing such issues ready to step onto her trust soapbox once more.

Through the cancellations and awards, Embry has continued to immerse herself in her craft and escape reality to the other worlds and leave herself behind. She has no intentions of stopping and is eager for the next project to sink her teeth into.

full name
embry louise church
professional name
embry james
em to friends
birthdate & age
may 6, 1987 & 28
los angeles, ca
los feliz
professional pretender
flying free
donnie darko (2001) gretchen ross
life as a house (2001) alyssa beck
blue crush (2002) penny chadwick
white oleander (2002) astrid magnussen
north country (2005) young josey
taken (2008) amanda
milk (2008) anne kronenberg
sucker punch (2011) rocket
to rome with love (2012) hayley
syrup (2013) six
snowpiercer (2013) teacher
suffragette (2015) sarah haughton
jupiter ascending (2015) kalique
lovesong (2016) sarah

buffy the vampire slayer (2000-2003) dawn summers
supernatural (2007-08) ruby
melrose place (2009-10) ella simms
sense8 (2014-2015) riley blue

• took her mother's maiden name as her stage name because it sounded better phonetically and had the added bonus of stepping out of her older sister's shadow. embry has since enjoyed the dualism between her public and private lives.

• volunteers within the community and will be the first to sign her name to a cause. her favorite charities include: natural resources defense council, greenpeace, the trevor project, aids project los angeles, and the los angeles lgbt center to name a few.

• as a native angeleno, embry deepened her roots with her first home in the hills in 2007. she enjoys decorating the space with small props from her projects along with taking tips from hgtv and her better homes and gardens subscription.

• karaoke is not just a hobby but a passion for embry. she wouldn't pursue a professional singing career but that doesn't stop her from lending her voice if asked or shying away from the mic as captured here nodding her sense8s at a recent festival and here during happy hour.

• her small collection of tattooes include: an edgar allen poe quote on her back, an aladdin sane bolt inside a heart on her thigh, 'hunted' on her ribs, and cathedral windows on her left bicep. there are no plans for any additions... yet.

• enjoys vintage and retro pieces in her life and considers one of her best purchases to be a classic 1955 thunderbird convertible but prefers her prius affectionately named chaka khan for everyday use. her garage also houses a harley, honda, and an infamous pogo stick.

• more facts tba...

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